About CBF

Our Background

Our passion for fitness began in sport, performing arts, and elite cycling.

As a successful marketeer, working for worldwide blue-chip brands, founder Cat Booker understands the demands of lifestyle and customers, as do her team.

The team have been local to fitness and well-being in the region, as well training and working in London and the UK.

What we do

We deliver a high quality personal training service, small group fitness classes, outdoor training, biomechanics and programs, and specialise in Pilates and Spinning®.

Our understaniding of training, classes comes from over 20 years experience in fitness, health and wellness.


We believe in educating, inspiring and motivating you to achieve life-changing results.

We are passionate about finding equilibrium for your body with you in mind, which is why the focus is on you and other complementary therapy or treatment that you may benefit from.

The Team

Cat Booker - Owner/Head Trainer - Master Trainer, Advanced Personal Trainer & Biomechanics Coach. Pilates Trainer & Instructor

Over 19 years in the fitness industry, a European Master Trainer for Total Gym & GRAVITY, Pilates Diploma Course Leader, Presenter for Spinning® & Level 3 Coach.

Cat has trained and delivered most type of class, taught in prestigous and well-known fitness health clubs in the region and London. Her background is in European Marketing and Business, as well as Health Club Group Fitness Management. Cat's favourite training is Cycling, Pilates and Strength Training that pushes her and keeps her strong and fit for health, cycling and to practice what she loves. Cat is quite possibly the longest established female personal trainer in the area working in the high profile position as a master trainer in the industry.

Neil Fitton - Cycling Specialist, Spinning® Level 2 & Fitness Coach

Neil has over 20 years cycling experience on the road, and knows his stuff about training zones, and in particular cycling, and Spinning® the indoor cycle program experience.

Neil specialises in outdoors fitness, Spinning® and road and MTB cycling. Being the guy on the team, Neil really likes to push the strength and have you lifting or pushing more than you thought possible to make you leaner and stronger. With his wealth of experience in cycling his knowledge is inspirational.

Trish Millward - Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Trish has trained as a fitness participant in the local area for many years, and with a passion for the benefits of fitness she pursues a career in teaching and in particluar coaching her favourite disciplines of Pilates & Yoga. Having trained or worked at most of the clubs in the area, like Cat, and Kim, Trish has alot of experience with many different abilities, and is always smiling and delivering fun and relaxed classes.

Shelley Dell - Fitness Consultant, Spinning® Level 3 Coach & National Fitness Presenter

Shelley is a fun and focussed instructor with over 16 years of experience in multiple disciplines in fitness, from Pilates to Spinning®.

Shelley coaches you on every level without you realising and has a very in-depth background in large health clubs and customer fulfilment, so really understands the needs of customers in classes and studios.