Pricing & Booking

All online bookings for pay as you go or use a Class Pass for payment classes are bookable at anytime and right up to the last minute. Please use the booking window or click on the header page button CLASS BOOKINGS & LOGIN

Payment can be made via Debit or Credit to card or cash at the studios.

When you purchase a class pass you receive a discount for your loyalty and prepaid purchase.

For answers to common questions please go to our FAQs page.

Individual Class Prices:

CORE 3D Core Functional Training, Strength Fat Loss BOOTCAMP, Pilates Biomechanics & Pilates MVE (multi versatility) Fitness Chair are all course based on blocks of weeks and one price. See details below.

Kettlebells £8.00
Functional Fitness Blast £8.00
Suspended Bodyweight Training £8.00
Spinning® Indoor Cycle £8.00
Pilates Matwork £9.50
Induction £10.00

Discount Class Passes:

Fitness Class Pass(*valid for 3 months) £45 for 6 classes
A mixture of classes in the Spining(R) Studio and Upper Studio for functional training classes, like Kettlebells, Suspension and Functional Fitness Fusion. NB: Pilates is excluded from passes except for the BIG25 Class Pass.
Spinning® Indoor Cycle Class Pass(*valid for 6 months) £75.00 for 10 classes (save £5)
Fitness Class Pass(*valid for 6 months) £80 for 11 classes - One FREE
A mixture of classes in the Spinning(R) Lower Studio 1 and Upper Studio 2. Includes all functional training classes like Kettlebells, Suspension and Functional Fusion. NB: Pilates Matwork Pay As You Train is included on the BIG25 Class Pass. Or add £1.50 when you train.
Pilates Matwork Class Pass(*valid for 6 months) £95 for 11 classesNB: Excludes courses which are exclusive to a group of up to 6 for six weeks programming for an even more personal service.
25 Big Class Pass(*valid for 6 months) £170.00 for 25 classes of any type


Priced on a specific number of dates, and subject to places available. To apply and book for a place contact:

Pilates Biomechanics 6 week course Non-refundable once underway.

Pilates Fusion Specialist Course
£65 6 week course

*uses specialist equipment in a circuit format
Strength Training Body Composition Courses - Monthly Small Group of 6 £110 for 12 classes, 7am x 3 times a week. £11 OFF for repeat clients.
Core 3D Core & Functional Training £62 for 4 weeks 7:10pm (45 minutes).