Spinning® Indoor Cycle

Spinning® is an International indoor cycle program, and at Spinning® CBF the coaches all hold Worldwide membership to Spinning®. Cat Booker & Neil Fitton also present for Spinning® UK & Ireland. The team all ride on and off-road, so the experience is even more real to riding. The Spinning® program coaches terrain in the form of class profiles that the team work with to give you variety, progression and the ultimate test every three months in a RACE DAY class, if you want to attend! The periodised timetable is available at the Studio.

On the latest Spinner BLADE® indoor cycling bikes from Spinning® the classes welcome beginners, fans, and roadies who enjoy being close to the experience of cycling and training the cardiovascular system regularly, with the benefit of Spinning class coaching, and riding to music. Receive a FREE Spinning® Guide booklet and bike set-up when you join.

Cycle shorts are recommended for greater comfort, but we have padded seat covers. We can help with heart rate monitors, and cycle kit.

A Spinning® towel and Bottle pack costs £8 to customers, usually £10.

We also provide PILATES Classes for Cyclists, please get in touch to find out more.

CrossCore™️ Rotational Bodyweight Training (Suspension Workout)

By suspending and shifting your bodyweight against gravity with a suspension training system, you create a dynamic resistance that allows you to completely target every muscle with hundreds of exercises. This popular class translates into a leaner, more athletic, more muscular physique and a stronger core. Your entire body is being engaged.

Strength Training Course

Using the strength training format to work on the major muscle groups, big moves using weights, and suspension training. Ideal as a strength and conditioning cross-training class for results!

6 week course @ Wendover. Email to enquire: catbookerfit@gmail.com = No Charge.


The yoga classes at studio CBF are set in a quiet and tranquil environment which is ideal for concentration and relaxation during yoga. Taught by a Yoga Diploma Teacher you will experience a more personal coaching style as the groups remain small for up to 7 participants.

Hatha Yoga at CBF is a flowing and relaxing class designed to improve body and mind awareness in movement, Asanas (yoga poses) for varied skill level groups. Book your space online. All equipment is provided, including mat, blocks, straps and blankets.

Functional Fusion Blast

A very popular session training the body with mixed functional training equipment including rotational training with the RMT Club, Parallel bars (Paralettes), Swiss Ball, Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, and Core Board. It is like a mass personal training session!

Pilates Matwork Classes, Pilates Mve Fitness Chair, Pilates 6 Week Courses

The Pilates classes are based on the classical pilates method and run by Pilates Course Director who delivers education on Pilates Diploma in the fitness industry. Some of the courses are specialist and provide the experience of integrating biomechanics exercises inter-twined with the pilates method to coach you more deeply on intrinsic changes your body can make to move more freely. All the Pilates classes work on the basis of progressing or regressing a movement to suit the individuals, however at the Form studio the classes are purely course based and limited to 6 people. The classes at Studio CBF Wendover are up to 10 people, and run regularly and bookable online up to four weeks in advance. The MVe Pilates Chair is limited to 5 places per class.

Pilates Matwork Classes

The Pilates method, and sequences of moves to suit levels 1 to 3 with equipment provided, including mats, prickly balls, foam rollers, bands, blocks, cushions and rings to add fun, variety and focus to these small classes of up to 10 people.

Pilates MVe Fitness Chair

Peak Pilates® innovative fitness equipment developed from the original Pilates Wunda chair, has always been a part of any fully equipped Pilates studio.

A fun, flowing, and challenging pilates workout that increases your strength, stability, and balance. You have to try it.

Pilates 6 Week Courses

Includes courses for Pilates Biomechanics and Prestwood.